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RAMMS licenses can be purchased for periods of

  • 6 month
  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 4 years.

and are valid for one module

See Price Calculator below!

Discounts are included in the calculation of the license period prices. Longer license periods include more discount:
6 month (no discount), 1 year (ca. 20%), 2 years (ca. 28%), 4 years (ca. 42%).

After five years of constant prices, we increased the price of RAMMS on March 7th 2014 by 10%. There are several reasons why we have decided to make this price adjustment:

  • Support demands from users have increased significantly.  To handle user support, we have hired new members of the RAMMS team.
  • We have invested in new research staff to further develop and test new RAMMS rockfall and debris flow modules.
  • Many customers have requested new visualization tools and numerical features that have been implemented in the new version. The new version brings significant added value for users.

6 month full license = CHF 1980.-, this corresponds to costs of CHF 330.- per month.
24 months full license = CHF 5450.-, this corresponds to costs of CHF 227.- per month (ca. 30% discount compared with the 6 month license!).

 Validity:  A RAMMS license is valid for one module on one personal computer system (PC).
 Additional licenses: 
If you buy more than one license together, we grant an "Additional license discount"
of 25% on the additional licenses (only for "Full" licenses).
If you buy one new license, and you still have a running license (at least valid for 6
more months), we grant a "Running license discount" of 10% on the new license.

 All three modules:  If you purchase all three modules a discount of 25% is applied to all licenses.

Educational license:
(Campus license)

Universities and accredited educational institutes get a discount of 50%.
Additional student licenses for lectures or theses are provided for free.

A RAMMS license includes the following benefits during the license period:

  • all software updates
  • basic support (installation problems, general usage problems)


Price Calculator

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to run the price calculator!

2 - Please choose your RAMMS license period and license type

License Period: :: Choose your license period.

License Type: :: Choose your license type. If you are an accredited educational institution (University/University of Applied Sciences/Schools) you are granted a 50% discount.
3 - Please choose the number of RAMMS licenses you want to purchase
Additional licenses ( > 1 ) are available at a 25% discount.
Beware: Total amount does not include taxes!



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