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RAMMS features

  • Advanced 3D visualization interface for digital elevation models, aerial imagery, topographic maps, simulation results and additional georeferenced datasets. Topographic map and aerial imagery © 2010 swisstopo (JD100007)

    2D topographic map 3D terrain

    3D topographic map 3D aerial imagery

  • GIS tools such as slope angle, curvature, contour and friction parameter calculation.

  • Slope angle Friction parameter ξ

  • Manual release area and forest editing tools. Aerial imagery © 2010 swisstopo (JD100007)

  • Forest cover Release areas

  • Calculation and animation of runout distance, flow height, velocity and impact pressure. Aerial imagery © 2010 swisstopo (JD100007)

  • abb7_max_pressure_2 abb8_max_velocity_2
    Maximum pressure Maximum velocity

  • Export the results to Google Earth, ArcGIS and other tools.


Google-Earth visualization of the exported result.




© SLF/WSL 2010