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Perry Bartelt

Team Boss RAMMS

Perry has a master in Civil Engineering and his PhD in Numerics at ETH Zürich, and is the scientific brain as well as the official head of the RAMMS group. He has a dog and four girls at home.


Marc Christen

Software RAMMS

Marc has a master in Civil Engineering (ETH Zürich) and Software Engineering (MAS Rapperswil). He developed the first avalanche dynamics model AVAL-1D in 1999. Marc is the main developer of all the modules of RAMMS. He has two girls at home, no dog.


Jessica Munch

Scientific Employee

Jessica holds a Master’s degree in Geophysics from the École Normale Supérieure, Lyon, France and a PhD in Geophysical fluid dynamics from the Institute of Geophysics, ETH Zürich. Jessica will do a lot of Rockfall work, like calibration and validation, and testing of the new model.


Joël Borner

Rockfall Engineer

Joël has a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from ETH Zurich. He is working on the derivation of new analytical approaches to characterise the interactions of mass movements with structures such as rockfall protection dams or avalanche barriers.


Olga Gorynina

Applied Mathematician

Olga has a Master's degree in Applied Math from the Novosibirsk State University, Russia, and a PhD in Applied Math from the University of Burgundy-Franche-Comte, France in collaboration with EPF Lausanne. She is working on a visco-elastic 3D finite element model for snow avalanche formation.


Guillaume Meyrat

PhD DebrisFlow

Guillaume did his master in Physics at the EPF Lausanne and works now on a 2-phase debrisflow modelling for his PhD.


Adi Ringenbach

PhD Forest/Rockfall

Adi hold his master in Geography from University Zurich and worked some years for Geobrugg. His PhD focuses on the interactions between forest and rockfall.


Tatjana Scherrer

Administration RAMMS

Tatjana is helping the team with all kind of administrative stuff as well as with the licenses.


Yves Bühler

Remote Sensing Guy

Yves has a PhD in Remote Sensing for RSL, University of Zurich and leads the Alpine Remote Sensing Group at SLF. He likes playing with drones and satellite data and developed the large scale hazard indication mapping procedure together with the RAMMS team. He is trying hard (and unsuccesful) to follow his three boys on the mountain bike. Two cats, no dog.


Brian W. McArdell

Debris Flow Erosion Guy

Brian is a Geologist with a PhD from Johns Hopkins University. He is an advanced RAMMS::Debrisflow user, and Chief Scientific Observer of the Illgraben debris-flow observation station. He has two boys at home, no dog (yet).


Christoph Graf

Debris Flow Expert

Christoph has a master in Geography (University of Berne) and is a Geomorphologist. He is an advanced RAMMS::Debrisflow user, with a lot of practical experience in using RAMMS. He is also president of the Swiss Association for Natural Hazard Professionals (Fachleute Naturgefahren FAN). He has one girl and two boys at home, and a drum kit.